Sick Notes

During the first 7 days of any period of sickness absence (including weekends) you do not require a sickness certificate from a doctor, for this you can self-certify.  Forms for self-certification are available from your employer or can be downloaded.

Since there is no requirement for you to have a doctors’ sickness certificate within the first 7 days, if requested then we may charge you for this private certificate.

Following your 7th day of absence you will require a doctors’ sick certificate and an appointment should be made to discuss this.

Sick notes are now called ‘fit notes’ and GPs are now asked to consider if you could be fit to work if short term adaptations were made by your employer, for example by allowing you to work shorter hours or amending some of your duties. Please do not be upset if the GP discusses these possibilities with you.

If you have been in hospital then the hospital doctor should have given you a sickness certificate to cover your period as an inpatient as well as sufficient time to enable you to recover. Should you feel that you need longer than this please call and speak with one of our doctors towards the end of your existing sick notes.