Advice for patients before intrauterine contraception device fitting
(Cu-IUD= copper coil or LNG-IUS=Mirena coil)

If you are thinking about intrauterine contraception, even if you currently (already) have an IUCD or had one in the past, you will need to book a routine appointment with Dr Vaskovic for an initial consultation.

At that appointment, Dr Vaskovic will discuss this and other forms of contraception with you, establish suitability for IUCD, discuss ongoing contraception, arrange swabs and arrange an appointment for the fitting of the IUCD.


You will be asked to have Chlamydia swab taken to exclude vaginal infection at least 2 weeks before the IUCD insertion.

This can be done by yourself or if you prefer, you can book an appointment with a practice nurse.


Dr Vaskovic will advise you at the initial consultation on suitable fitting times for your IUCD as well as pain relies, such as Feminax Ultra.  It is important not to fit an IUCD if there is any chance you may be at risk of pregnancy.

IUCD removal

If you are having an IUCD removed, you should abstain from sexual intercourse for seven days before the removal.  You can book a routine appointment with Dr Vaskovic for this.

IUCD replacement

If you are thinking of IUCD replacement, book an appointment with Dr Vaskovic at least 2-3 months before your IUCD expires.

Fitting appointments with Dr Vaskovic and Health Care Assistant are 30 minutes long.  Please contact the surgery to cancel your appointment if you are unable to attend so that other patients can make use of this time.