Blood Tests

Members of our practice nurse team take blood samples every morning at both our Moulton and Waterside Campus Surgeries for investigations arranged by our nurses or doctors, or one of the hospital doctors.  Samples are transported to the hospital laboratory at lunchtime and therefore no blood samples are taken during the afternoon.

If you have been asked to arrange a blood test please book an appointment with our Patient Services team either in person or by telephone.

For a fasting blood test you should have nothing to eat or drink except for water and any medicines that you need to take, for 12 hours before your test appointment.  Make sure that you have a good drink of water before coming for your sample so that you are not dehydrated, which could lead to you needing to repeat your kidney blood tests.

If you need to have a blood test and it is more convenient you can also visit the pathology service at Northampton General Hospital.  The blood taking unit is located in Area H (outpatients department) and is open between 7.30am-4.30pm, Monday-Friday.  There is no service at the weekend or on bank holidays.