Opticians/Eye Casualty

Regular eye tests are important not just to check your vision but also to monitor for developing eye conditions such as glaucoma or cataracts that during the early days you might have no symptoms from.

Opticians have specialist equipment to carry out a wide ranging health check of your eye.  They are also able to provide you with advice about common eye conditions such as dry eyes.  It is recommended that you visit an optician at least every 2 years but more frequent checks might be advised by the ophthalmic practitioner that you see.

There is a charge for eye tests although some people are eligible for free care.

Eye symptoms

If you start to experience symptoms from your eye such as pain, redness, discharge or sudden changes in your vision it is important to get these checked in case you have developed an eye condition that needs treatment.

When the practice is open you can arrange an appointment to see one of the doctors who will be able to advise you.

An eye casualty service is also available at Northampton General Hospital where you can attend without an appointment to have an emergency eye condition assessed.

This is open –

  • Monday-Friday : 8.30-5pm in the eye outpatient area
  • Saturday : 9am-5pm on the Singlehurst day case unit
  • Sunday : 9am-1pm on the Singlehurst day case unit