At our Moulton Surgery we have a dispensary, which is similar to a small chemist. From the dispensary we are able provide prescription medications to patients who live in villages at least 1 mile from the nearest chemist shop.  Our dispensary staff are specially trained to enable them to do this.

Sadly the law does not allow us to provide medications to patients who live within 1 mile of a chemist, such as patients living in Moulton.

Several local chemists will collect prescriptions from us and deliver them to your home. This you can arrange directly with the chemist.

Several GPs and staff members at the practice are shareholders in Nene Healthcare Alliance who operate NHS Pharmacy. Each shareholder’s financial interest is less than 0.1%.

For public holidays such as Easter and Christmas, we require 7 working days for dispensing patients to request their medication.

Our Dispensary Supervisor is Debbie Williams.

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