Overseas Residents & International Students

Factsheets explaining healthcare services including the National Health Service (NHS) are available here, which includes information about the care provided by general practitioners (GPs).

To be eligible for free NHS care you need to be in one of the following categories –

  • Be a UK or EU citizen
  • A citizen of a country with a full reciprocal arrangement
  • A student on a course due to last over 6 months
  • A spouse or dependant of someone fitting one of the eligibility above

Countries with a reciprocal arrangement

Anguilla Germany Portugal
Australia Gibralter Romania
Austria Greece Russia
Belgium Iceland Spain
British Virgin Island Isle of Man St Helena
Bulgaria Italy Sweden
Channel Islands Liechtenstein Turks & Caicos Islands
Denamark Luxenbourg Former Yugoslavia
Falkland Islands Netherlands Former USSR except Latvia
Finland New Zealand
France Norway

Fact Sheets

Below are factsheets in different languages explaining about the healthcare system in the United Kingdom, known as the National Health Service (NHS)