Helping you to communicate

If English is not your first language and due to your limited knowledge of English you feel that you will have difficulty either communicating with or understanding the doctor or nurse that you see, you can bring a friend or a member of your family with you to translate.

If you cannot bring a friend or relative, or do not feel comfortable doing so, please tell our Patient Services  team when you book your appointment and we will try to arrange an interpreter.  We often need to give notice when booking an interpreter and therefore it is not always possible if you require an urgent appointment.

Hearing loops are provided at both of our surgeries to assist patients who are hard of hearing.  Please let our Patient Services team know when you arrive if you require this.

If you have any special communication needs that we need to take into account please let us know when you book your appointment.  This will ensure that we take these into account, for instance in the length of the appointment that you are given.