Types of Appointment

Our healthcare team comprises a wide range of professionals.

For day to day appointments you might be seen by either a nurse or a doctor depending on the nature of the problem.  Our practice nurse team are specially trained to assess and treat a wide range of health conditions meaning that it will not always be necessary to see a doctor.  Our nurse practitioner is able to issue her own prescriptions for medicines.  The other nurses can issue a prescription that they will ask a doctor to sign.

At the practice we have appointments at different timescales depending upon the urgency of the medical problem you have.

On the day On the day emergency appointments are for patients who have an urgent medical problem that cannot wait for a routine appointment. The practice aims to offer appointments to all patients with an on the day emergency. These appointments are generally booked in addition to a doctor or nurses existing full clinic, therefore only the urgent medical problem can be addressed. The doctor or nurse will not be able to deal with routine matters so please don’t ask them too. Our Patient Services team will be pleased to book you a subsequent routine appointment for this purpose.
Within 48 hours For patients who need to be seen soon but don’t require an emergency appointment we offer appointments within a 48 hour period.  The majority of our appointments are available for booking 48 hours in advance since this is what we have been told is of most use when you need to see a doctor.  If a 48 hour appointment is not available at the time that you call our Patient Services team might ask you to call back when appointments are likely to be available.
Routine For patients who need an appointment for a non-urgent problem, for a medication review or for a follow up appointment we offer appointments within 28 days.

We offer appointments outside of the normal 08:00 – 18:30 opening times. These vary across the clinical team and are in line with current Covid guidelines.  These appointments have been established to make it easier for people who work or have commitments during the day to see a doctor.  If you are able to come during normal working hours please kindly leave these appointments for patients that aren’t able to.

If you are just looking for advice or do not feel that you need to be seen in person you can book a telephone appointment.  A doctor or nurse will usually call you back on the same day but this will usually be at the end of their clinic.