Accessing your medical records

You have a right to access records that we hold about you, except in exceptional circumstances.  Your medical record however does not belong to you, it belongs to the NHS.  You can not remove your original medical records from the practice.

If you wish to access your medical records or have a copy of them please contact our Patient Services team who will be happy to explain how you can do this.  If you wish us to copy your records we may make a charge for this. If the request is deemed to be manifestly unfounded or excessive then we are entitled to charge a reasonable administrative fee, or refuse to respond to the request.

No one else is able to access your medical records, such as an employer or family member, without either your written consent or an order from a court judge.

The NHS has established what is known as a summary care record (SCR).  This is essential information from your medical record, such as what medications you take and if you have any allergies.  This summary is available to any health professional who might be treating you anywhere in the UK.  They have to ask for your permission before looking at the summary.  You can opt out of having a summary created.  More information about the SCR and your rights can be found here.

The NHS also uses some limited information about you for the purposes of research.  Again you can opt out of this.  Further information can be found here.