Proxy Access

Proxy Access refers to giving a third party access to online services on behalf of a patient. Family members or carers can access a patient’s medical records online only in circumstances where the patient has consented to this, or if the patient lacks capacity AND the applicant can provide evidence that they have been granted the power to manage the patient’s affairs.

Proxy access is the recommended alternative to sharing login details.

A person with parental responsibility who wishes to access some or all of the records of a competent child aged between 11 and 16 should only be allowed to do so if the child or young person consents, and it does not go against the child’s best interests.

A person with parental responsibility for a child aged under 12 normally has automatic rights to access a child’s records – although not all parents have parental responsibility. Proxy access for people with parental responsibility to a child’s record is a practice-level decision.