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DNAs – March 2022

As you are aware, GP Surgeries are generally struggling to cope with the high demand on their services and patients are often experiencing long waits when booking routine appointments. Unfortunately, many patients fail to attend their appointments without informing the practice. We appreciate that people lead busy lives and often remembering appointments is difficult; we also appreciate that circumstances can change, and the appointment may no longer be needed.

Please can you contact the Practice to let us know if you are unable to attend your booked appointment. This can be done over the telephone, in person or by replying to your text reminder. By doing this it will free up your appointment, which is no longer required, so that another patient can be booked in, allowing us to make sure we can continue to offer appointments to patients as soon as possible, and make sure that people do not have to wait for longer periods of time before a clinician can see them.

In order to try to address this problem the practice has adopted a policy whereby if a patient does not attend 3 appointments in 12 months a warning letter will be sent to the patient stating that a further occurrence may result in removal from the practice list.

During the month of March 2022, a total of 103 patients did not attend their appointment.

We thank all 5310 patients that attended their appointment and those that cancelled it in good time so we could offer it to another patient.