Monthly Archives: June 2021

The surgery would like to say a big Thank You!

The surgery would like to say a big Thank You! For all of your support and lovely messages we have received since the Coronavirus started.

We would like to reassure you that we are all here working hard to keep you all well and safe.

The way in which the GPs and nurses are working has changed and will remain this way until the risk of Coronavirus is no longer with us.

If you need to see a GP or nurse you will be offered a telephone consultation in the first instance. They may ask to consult with you via Video, to send in a photo or do some online assessments to help diagnose how we can best help you, but if they feel they need to see you in person they generally arrange this on the same day.

You will need to wear a mask when attending the Surgery.

The GP and Nurse appointments are taking longer as the room has to be cleaned and Nurses need to change the Protective clothing before seeing the next patient.

Thank you for your understanding and keeping everyone safe at this time.